NW Competition rules:

1) Only specific Nordic Walking poles may be used

The poles may be fixed length or telescopic.

They must have a hand strap.

The upper and underarm must be in an angle of 90 degrees – (+/- 10 degrees).

2 ) Competitive NW( Race Nordic Walking) is a progression of steps so taken that the NW  makes contact with the ground, so that no visible (to the human eye) loss of contact occurs.

 One foot must always touch the ground. )(Losing contact with the ground by two feet simultaneously is forbidden.)

3) The pole insert has to be between the heel of the front foot and the toe of the rear foot and  must be in a clearly energetic and active way. (visible and active)

4) When pushing off, Nordic Walkers must lift the arm behind the        hips and further. It is not allowed to tilt the hips, or to subtly run (with both feet off the ground)!

5) Pushing the pole must be performed behind, not to the right or left side.

6)The poles must be moved diagonally or by using the double           pole technique. (only in a designated area)

7) When changing the pad, the walking technique must be maintained. (Changing only in a designated area)

8 )Nordic Bounding,” “Nordic Running” and “Nordic Blading” are not permitted

Electronic equipment – using any type of devices is permitted provided they do not disturb other competitors’ walking.

A walker overtaking another competitor does not interfere, or impede the movement of a player competitor overtaken by him.