About us:


The idea to found ENWO was born in London in 2011, developed in 2013 in Gdansk (Poland). After leaving INWA the responsible persons of the NW Associations ZNHS, GNFA and PFNW decided to found an association which cooperates on an European level and the focus should`t be only NW. The main idea was to cooperate with other European countries.

All kinds of sports relevant to movement / types of movement types with different sport had to be included in order to reach as many people as possible. (eg Bungypump or Pro-X Walker) Of course NW , an essential element of ENWO, as is the type of exercise involved in any relation.

? One focus of the ENWO is the mental program, which is offered exclusively at European level by ENWO. This scientifically proven program, was developed by the cooperation of GNFA (German Fitness Association) and GfG – Society for brain training (Gesellschaft für Gehirntraining ) in Germany.
Here, exercise-relevant sports are combined with exercises for mental fitness.

? Our knowledge based society places more and more demands on everyone. According to a survey, mental fitness, mental well-being physical health in this order are on the wish list of most adults.
To meet those expectations, we should be mentally and physically fit.
That is why we are expanding the range of health care, physical and mental fitness, nutrition and sports. Physical and mental fitness must be complementary.

? Other key components (module -building block) in the programs of ENWO are the NW events and the NW competitions on a European level with the ENWO European Cup, the European Championships and the ENWO convention, which takes part in future in each of the other Member States
At the moment 8 countries are members of ENWO:
Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia

? ENWO is a non profit organization and has been officially registered since 14.2.2017 ( Upravna Enota city of Lubljana / Republika Slovenija).
All benefits of membership and sponsoring programs will be invested into new education and communication programs. (Statutes of ENWO)

? Structure – Executive Board
President: Janez Lipec (Slovenija – President of ZNHS )
Vicepresident: Olgierd Bojke (Poland – President of PFNW )
Vicepresident: Walter Goth ( Germany – President of GNFA )
Malgorzata Borzeskowa (Poland – secretary)
Toni Goth – Dr. Rüdiger Carlberg (Germany)
Dr. Martina Mlakar (Slovenija)

? Supervisory Board:
Joza Mervar – Barbara Conrad – Arkadus Kozak

? Disciplinary Committee:
Robert Brzezinski – Christine Endraß – Oton Planko

? Mission:
ENWO is promoting the cooperation of physical activity of people/ sport specialists and coaches in Europe and contribution to development of Nordic Walking/ New Walking and recreation/ tourism in Europe countries. ENWO coordinates education supplies of the member countries and organizes events for people communication based on sports.

? ENWO cooperates with universities and higher vocational schools to develop training programmes for coaches, instructors and other sport professionals aimed to advise and prescribe physical activity for people who wish to take up a particular sport. (Extract of guideline 11 –EU)
Low-barrier health-related exercise programs targeting as many social and age groups and including as many sport disciplines as possible (such as the program of new walking, strength and cardiovascular training, courses for seniors and youth) are an integral part of the offerings of ENWO (Extract of guideline 12 –EU)

? Membership
Regular Members
Each person, interested in sports (new walking) can become member of ENWO. The only basis for considering that is the membership in an official registrated sport association / federation in an European country, which is
already member of ENWO and accepts its statues.

? Associate members
Entities, associations, persons who adhere to the statutes of the ENWO, support the aims, philosophy of the association in any way and are legally registered in Europe. However, they do not have voting rights

? Education
ENWO will offer only certified coach courses in the member states. Education for new sports or new modules for existing programs have to be certified at ENWO education convention. This workshop will take place alternating in one of the member countries. On this convention the member countries have the chance to certificate new programs and mastertrainers too.
The aim is to bring together modern scientific findings from the field of medical prevention. The latest research results are presented not only to scientists, but also in a comprehensible form to the general public.