Events 2020 in detail

ENWO Calendar of events for the year 2020  


ENWO-Cupwertung!!  Alle Championships zählen auch zum Cup

ENWO Cup ranking!!  All championships are also part of the cup


16.05.2020:  Radenci, Slovenia – ENWO Cup 10 km 


16.05.2020:  Roding, Germany –  ENWO Cup and EC (European Championship) 10 km

17.05.2020:  Roding, Germany  –  ENWO Cup and DM (German Championship) 10 km

16-17.05.:  1. European Cup Challenge Trophy. (2 Races Saturday and Sunday), (2 Times Saturday + Sunday) => Is ONE  Total-Time!!   The times of both days are added to one result and scored!!   25-26. Mai: 1. Europa Cup Challenge Trophy (2 Rennen Samstag + Sonntag), ( 2 Zeiten Samstag + Sonntag) = 1 Gesamtzeit!!  Die Zeiten von BEIDEN Rennen werden zu einem Gesamtergebnis

Infos and registration about German Cup Races:–V6_APXQtXX7ewFsWnqMlgro


21.06.2020:  Wejherowo, Poland –  ENWO Cup  5 km  and 10 km

Infos and registration about Poland Cup Races:


Tirano, Italy :

05.09.2020:  ENWO Cup and EC (European Championship) 5 km  and  ENWO Cup 10 km  (at one Day!)

Further informations and registration about Italy Cup Races:


12.09.2020:  Nuremberg, Germany  – ENWO Cup and EC (European Championship) 21,1 km

13.09.2020:  Nuremberg, Germany  – ENWO Cup 5 km and 10 km (Bavarian Championships 5 and 10 km too) 

Infos Nuremberg Cup Races and Registration:   Coming soon