Dear participants of the Nordic Walking competitions (Cup and Championships)

The 2019 competition year is over and  ENWO board would like to thank all those who were present in the competitions,  as participants, as fans (relatives) or  in any way as follower and so contributed to the overall success of the events.

We will work further on to get better. However, it is not always easy to solve problems transnational. We are looking forward to the coming competitions in 2020 with all of you.

Info: Thanks a lot  to the Race Committee for its successful work in 2019. The ENWO Board will guarantee that also after the departure from office of  race director (on his own request) the committee continues to work successfully. The list of committee members will published in time before the beginning of the new competition term.


Liebe Teilnehmer der Nordic Walking competitions ( Cup und Championships )

das Wettkampfjahr 2019 ist vorbei und das ENWO Board möchte sich bei allen bedanken, die als Teilnehmer mitgemacht haben, als Fan (Angehörige ) mit dabei waren oder dazu beigetragen haben, dass es insgesamt ein doch erfolgreiches Jahr gewesen ist. Wir werden weiter daran arbeiten besser zu werden. Es ist jedoch nicht immer leicht, länderübergreifend  Probleme zu lösen. Wir hoffen auf ein erfolgreiches Wettkampfjahr 2020.

Info: Dank auch an das Racekommittee für seine erfolgreiche Arbeit 2019.  Das ENWO Board wird dafür sorgen, dass auch nach dem Ausscheiden des race directors ( auf eigenen Wunsch) das Kommittee weiter erfolgreich arbeitet. Die Namen der Kommitteemitglieder werden rechtzeitig vor Beginn der neuen Wettkampfsaison bekannt gegeben.



To see Cup Overall Standing 2019 please visit the site map: “European Cup” / End Results 2019 or follow this Link:



Concerning a growing demand for the intermediate result of the ENWO Cup and criticism we feel compelled in this way to issue a statement.

Subject: Scoring Legnica (Poland) 5 km:

In the Polish application ( 24.1.2019) for the ENWO cup in Legnica there were two races (10 km & 5 km ) registered which are scored for the Cup. This application was signed by the responsible person of PFNW. Much to our (ENWO) regret we received after the competition a notice (8.7.2019) from Dyrektor Pucharu Polski Nordic Walking POLSKA FEDERACJA NORDIC WALKING
“that the 5km race was only a friendly race” .

This happened without any information or prearranged before with the responsible persons of ENWO for the cup . In fairness therefore this race can not be scored for the Cup.
We are very sorry that ENWO must make this difficult decision and we hope that the competitors accept it.
( On behalf ENWO )


!!!   Notice   !!!

 European New Walking Organisation ENWO  expressly asserts  that we assume no guarantee or liability and similar obligations, for example for the contents of the event and the associated (corresponding) printed matter or electronic publications (eg allocation of logos)under the patronage in the legal sense of a co-organizer.

By the assumption of the patronage there is no obligation particularly with regard to the absortion of costs or for the compensation of deficits.

For data protection reasons, we can not provide any address material.

The organizer accepts the regulations of this guideline by accepting the patronage.

The entry of a competitor for a race shall constitute a contract solely between the competitor and the organiser




Racing / Competition Commission:

The ENWO Board decided to install a Racing / competition Commission:

The commission is a link between on the one hand of Board and on the other hand of competitors and organizer of events.

The job of the Commission is to prepare proposals which are in any relationship to the events ( Cup- Championships ), these belongs to e.g age groups, point system / scoring, training of referees and supervising of events / organisations in reference to the ENWO rules.

Then the Board has to check and decide above it.

At each ENWO event, one member of this commission must be part of the competition committee of the organizer, besides this two referees from other countries must be member of the refereeteam of the organizer. It is possible that also one of the race commissioners is part of this team.


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