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Appeals / changes regarding the rating are only possible until 27.9.2019 by e-mail to ENWO !!!!! (Einsprüche/Änderungen bzgl. der Wertung sind nur bis spätestens 27.9.2019 per e-mail an ENWO  möglich!!!)


Slovenia, Radenci 18.05.2019 – 10 km:

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Germany, Roding 25./26.05.2019 – 10 km (European Championship), 10 km (German Championship) an European Cup Challenge (Saturday and Sunday)

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Italy, Tirano 31.08.2019 – 5 km (European Championship), 10 km (European Cup)

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Concerning a growing demand for the intermediate result of the ENWO Cup and criticism we feel compelled in this way to issue a statement.

Subject: Scoring Legnica (Poland) 5 km:

In the Polish application ( 24.1.2019) for the ENWO cup in Legnica there were two races (10 km & 5 km ) registered which are scored for the Cup. This application was signed by the responsible person of PFNW. Much to our (ENWO) regret we received after the competition a notice (8.7.2019) from Dyrektor Pucharu Polski Nordic Walking POLSKA FEDERACJA NORDIC WALKING
“that the 5km race was only a friendly race” .

This happened without any information or prearranged before with the responsible persons of ENWO for the cup . In fairness therefore this race can not be scored for the Cup.
We are very sorry that ENWO must make this difficult decision and we hope that the competitors accept it.
( On behalf ENWO )



Due to the announcement of Robert Brzezinski, the 5 km race in Legnica was only “a friendships race” – therefore, and due to the non-timely preparation of the result list with birth year, only the 10 km race is scored!!! 

Aufgrund der Ankündigung von Robert Brzezinski war das 5-km-Rennen in Legnica nur “ein Freundschaftsrennen” – daher und aufgrund der nicht rechtzeitigen Erstellung der Ergebnisliste mit Geburtsjahr wird nur das 10-km-Rennen gewertet!!!