The calendar of sports events

The calendar of sports events for the incoming season. All details concerning Polish and Bialorussian cups are available at and , resepctively at the https address given below, in English, Russian nad Polish.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Polska Federacja Nordic Walking.







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NW Competition rules

NW Competition rules

1) Only specific Nordic Walking poles may be used

The poles may be fixed length or telescopic.

They must have a hand strap.

The upper and underarm must be in an angle of 90 degrees – (+/- 10 degrees).

2 ) Competitive NW( Race Nordic Walking) is a progression of steps so taken that the NW  makes contact with the ground, so that no visible (to the human eye) loss of contact occurs.

One foot must always touch the ground. )(Losing contact with the ground by two feet simultaneously is forbidden.)

3) The pole insert has to be between the heel of the front foot and the toe of the rear foot and  must be in a clearly energetic and active way. (visible and active)

4) When pushing off, Nordic Walkers must lift the arm behind the hips and further. It is not allowed to tilt the hips, or to subtly run (with both feet off the ground)!

5) Pushing the pole must be performed behind, not to the right or left side.

6)The poles must be moved diagonally or by using the double pole technique. (only in a designated area)

7) When changing the pad, the walking technique must be maintained. (Changing only in a designated area)

8 )Nordic Bounding,” “Nordic Running” and “Nordic Blading” are not permitted

Electronic equipment – using any type of devices is permitted provided they do not disturb other competitors’ walking.

A walker overtaking another competitor does not interfere, or impede the movement of a player competitor overtaken by him.

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Mental Nordic Walking (MNW) is a new conception.

Preliminary note:

Our knowledge based society places more and more demands on everyone. According to a study, mental fitness, emotional wellness, physical health, (in this order) are on the wish list of the most adults.

Mental Nordic Walking (MNW) is a new conception.

Mental Nordic Walking (Mental NW): A physically and mentally very efficient program to increase mental fitness and maintain a high level of mental performance.

It  is the possibility of a novel combination of physical and mental fitness. Nordic walking is here combined with effective exercises of Mental Activation Training. ( MAT )


NW is an extremely efficient exercise  for training the whole body.


With the Mental Activation Training (MAT)  a highly efficient method has been developed as  a quick mental improved performance and maintenance of high mental state of performance.

The brain is trained in the body movement, thereby  it has an improved blood circulation and  in this case it can work exceptionally effective

This program, which has been scientifically proven, was developed in Germany by  Nordic Walking mastertrainers  of  GNFA (German Fitness Association), and Mental Activation Trainers of GfG  (Gesellschaft für Gehirntraining – Society for brain training) and whose president Dr. Lehrl.

It is a masterplan of physical and mental fitness

Special exercises increase (train) the  working memory (wm), short term memory,(wtm), speed of information processing (IVG ) and memory span(MS).  

Target is besides physical health  mental well being (mental fitness; – they have to be complementary .

Mental Nordic Walking is great fun and suitable for all ages.

 General marks

The effectiveness of these exercises was certified by Dr. Lehrl, the CEO of GfG.

Recommended are 2-3 mental exercises per Nordic Walking training.

If you still learn the Nordic Walking technique, it should be reduced to one (1) mental exercise. A mental exercise should take not longer than 5-10 minutes.


There should be a basic level in the Nordic Walking technique before trying to start mental exercises. These require a large part of the concentration, so you should already be able to do  the Nordic Walking technique fairly. Mental exercises should take place in a less demanding area, i.e. flat, wide paths.

 Single exercise (SE):

This exercise can be done when walking alone. However when walking in a group they also can be done as partner exercises.

Partner exercise (PE):

The communication is an additional stimulus that creates more fun while training.

Some examples (SE, PE)

Exercise of the working memory and concentration.

Your Partner says a word, which subsequently will be spelled backwards from both Nordic Walkers. Take turns in finding words which become gradually longer. 

Example (PE,SE)

Exercise of the working memory, memory and concentration

Count backwards from 100 in intervals of 7, alternating with your partner and then back to 100, this time in intervals of 8, also taking turns. 

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Ceremony of signing the succession of Bielarus to ENWO

In Legnica on 30th September 2017 a document of succession of Belorussian Nordic Walking Federation to ENWO was signed in presence of President of Legnica. Bielorus has become the following member of ENWO.

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Very good presentation

A very good presentation of the right technique of nordic waking. According to these tips our referees will evaluate participants’ style of walking.

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NW Organisation of Austria

Yesterday in Bleiburg the agreement between ENWO represented by dr Martina Mlakar from Slovenija ( member of the board) and Walter Goth from Germany (vice-president) and dr Gollner from NWO (NW Organisation of Austria)was signed. Austria has become the following member of ENWO.


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