Please note: Barlinek (15.9.2018) was NO European Championship under ENWO Flag!!

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Italy becomes ENWO member

At the awards ceremony of the European Cup stage in Roding, on June 17, 2018, an agreement was reached with EnWo and represented between the CNS Libertas Italian Sports Promotion Agency, which is EnWo promoting a competitive and Nordic Walking in Italy.

Vice President, Mr. Walter Goth was present for ENWO, while CNS Libertas was represented by Mr.. Pasquale Rosetti, Italian manager for Nordic Walking and Mr. Giorgio Rizzi, Nordic Walking Como.

Italy, thus becoming the sixth European country recognized EnWo and has already announced the first demo contest that will take place in Tirano (Sondrio) on 2 September 2018.

This project was organized by the organizers Mr. Mario Chiapparini and Mrs. Lucy Renion.

The audience, enthusiastically welcomed by the Nordic countries.

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The first official ENWO event in Italy

The first official competitive Nordic Walking race in Italy, under the patronage of ENWO, European New Walking Organization, was held in Tirano on 2 September 2018.

The beautiful mountain resort of northern Italy hosted the 1st Valtellina Cup, for which two tracks of 5,000 and 10,000 meters had been set up.

Athletes coming from five European countries, Austria, France, Germany, Poland and Italy have competed along the two routes; despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the race was held regularly, under the watchful eyes of ten race judges, all experienced Nordic Walking professionals and specially prepared for the event according to the ENWO competitive rules.

Race Ranking

1 OLUWAGBEMI Melvin (France)

2 WOLOSZKA Artur                         (Poland)

3 BIGARELLA Roberto                    (Italy)

10 km WOMEN

1 BASSO Daniela                             (Italy)

2 NIEDL Margot               (Germany)

3 JERNEJ Anna Maria                     (Austria)

5 km MEN

1 WITCZUK  Łukasz                         (Poland)

2 PAGLIANTI Cristiano Roberto   (Italy)

3 JACHIMOWICZ Miroslaw           (Poland)

5 km WOMEN


1 JACHIMOWICZ Renata               (Poland)

2 OESTERREICHER Christine         (Austria)

3 VENTURINI Serena Maria          (Italy)


The event was completed by a rich award ceremony and by the inimitable Italian cuisine that has contributed significantly to strengthen the spirit of friendship and international collaboration that characterizes ENWO competitions in many European countries.

The organizers of the event have proposed to realize, in 2019, a stage of Europe Cup and to host, if possible, an European championship.

The hope is that this Italian event will be just the first of a long series of competitive events that will see ENWO be more and more protagonist in the „Bel Paese“.


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